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Town Assessor

Patty Rubino, Assessor’s Clerk

2 Douglas Street
Wynantskill, NY 12198
T 518-283-6175
F 518-283-7863

Duties of Town Assessor

Assessment Appeal Process

If you believe your assessment is incorrect, please feel free to contact the Town of North Greenbush Assessor’s Office. We will be happy to listen to your concerns regarding your assessment.

The forms available here may help you prepare for an appeal:

Requirements for Senior Exemptions

There are two exemptions available for Senior’s that are turning 65. In the year you are turning 65 these two exemptions are the Senior Citizens Exemption and theSchool Tax Assessment Relief Program for seniors called the Enhanced STAR.  These two exemptions are for Home Owners whose house is their principal place of residency. The filing date for these two exemptions is MARCH 1.

The SENIOR CITIZEN EXEMPTION is available to Home Owners who are 65 years of age or older and meet certain income limitations and requirements. The total  household gross income must be no greater than $37,400. This may be subject to change so that should be verified by contacting the Assessor’s office. If you qualify for this exemption you must provide us with a current year tax return or the supporting documentation for the tax return. This is not an automatic exemption and one needs to apply for this each year.


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